Are you a commercial property owner who is always looking to lower their vacancy rates? The number one way to prevent vacancies is to find quality residents. How can you be sure that you have found the best resident for your space? Well, here are some ideas.

1. Knowing Your Market

What is going on in your area? What does it have to offer? Examine other leasing rates, demographics, location attractions, and your own property highlights. Doing this will help you bring in the best residents to occupy your property.

2. Know Your Tenants

What is it that your tenants need? There are a number of different uses for different spaces. Whether it be retail, medical offices, or general offices, there are different needs and wants of the tenants who will occupy those spaces. Try to attract tenants that will fit the type of property you have.

3. Make a Lasting First Impression

Make sure your building looks as great on the outside as it does on the inside. Aesthetics and curb appeal matter just as much as the inside of what your building has to offer. Keeping up with landscaping and fixing exterior problems not only attracts tenants, but attracts business to those tenants!

4. Utilize Advertising

The right tenants won’t just happen upon you out of luck. Utilize the best marketing tools available. Don’t get stuck in just one form of marketing. Print marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing are all great ways to find new tenants.

5. Find a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Let us find the tenants for you! Allow us to do the work so that you can focus on maintaining your property.