Looking to lease a commercial property? There are many benefits to appointing a reputable broker to find commercial real estate for lease. A Tenant Representation Agreement essentially appoints a broker (such as CCR) to act as your company’s sole representative to search for the leased real estate space on your behalf. Skilled negotiation tactics, detailed research, and knowledge of your market and its owners allow us to help you by brokering your lease while you focus on your day-to-day business.


By committing to working through CCR as your single broker, we can invest the time and resources necessary to manage your project with your success in mind. Your time will not be wasted by having to contact multiple brokers to get sufficient coverage of the market, or seeing the same property from multiple brokers.


Typically most brokers are working on behalf of the Landlord. With a Tenant Representative agreement, a client relationship is created, and your broker will now have a fiduciary responsibility to serve your interests rather than the landlord’s. You may disclose information about your situation, and as your exclusive agent we have no obligation to the Landlord, our duty is to work to get you the best deal.


Our fees are generally paid by the Landlord (unless otherwise agreed to in writing) as part of the normal cooperation or brokerage fee sharing arrangement, thus our services require NO out of pocket cost to the tenant. This is a “no lose” situation for you as the Tenant.


Each alternative is looked at objectively, and we can now align our interests with the Tenant. This leads to better communication, cooperation, and transparent information on a potential deal.


If you are currently running a business or plan on starting a business, odds are that you will need the perfect commercial space in order to operate your business. This can be a lot of work, especially for new business owners. It may be in your best interest to enlist the help of a Commercial Real Estate Broker, such as Corporate Commercial Realty. We specialize in tenant representation and have the experience and resources needed in order to keep your best interests in mind and find the best commercial space available.


If you are looking for a reputable broker to find commercial real estate for lease, then you came to the right place! Corporate Commercial Realty will act as your company’s sole representative in order to search for the leased real estate space oin your behalf.

At Corporate Commercial Realty, we focus on:

  • Efficient use of your time
  • Commitment to your interests
  • No additional costs or fees
  • Communication, cooperation, and transparency

We use our research and marketing skills in order to maintain active, high-regard relationships with major property owners and developers in the extensive Long Island area to facilitate targeted searches. We have alliances with all commercial brokerage firms and subscribe to all commercial listing services. 

Harvey Kolin is a proud member of CCIM

(Certified Commercial Investment Member)

Corporate Commercial Realty is a part of a network of the most advanced commercial real estate investment specialists across generations, industry categories, and continents.

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