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A thorough lease analysis by CCR may reveal opportunities of which a Tenant may not be readily aware. Commercial real estate leases can be complicated. Also, the commercial real estate market and an individual Tenant’s needs are constantly changing. There may include unspecified rent and expenses charges like operating expense pass-through, real property tax pass through, common area charges, utility, insurance and others. Rents and pass through expenses can feature any number of calculation methods. As costs escalate, a Tenant may end up paying significantly more than market rates. A CCR lease analysis can help you avoid this.
Early action is key. Lease analysis provides negotiating leverage.  However, we recommend that tenants start their lease analysis up to 18 months before their lease expiration for complete peace of mind. The commercial lease analysis professionals at Corporate Commercial Realty assist tenants in interpreting and understanding their commercial lease.

  • Current lease costs, terms, and services

  • Current market lease rates, terms, costs, services & trends

  • Current opportunities within their market area

  • Exploring expansion or contraction options, renewal options and remaining lease obligation

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